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Overtorque Stunt Racing

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Overtorque Stunt Racing

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Play Overtorque Stunt Racing unblocked games! If you are a fan of Racing Games online, you should try out the Overtorque Stunt Racing game unblocked with high explosive challenge. Becoming the beast racer is not arduous now once you take a chance to immerse yourself in this crazy driving game. The more you drive, the more skill you are able to get. Overtorque Stunt Racing Game Online offers you featured 3D graphics. In this game, you have to drive your car on a long perilous road with full of difficulties. Before starting the game, you need to take a look at the instructions in order to clear about your vehicle and get more tips and tricks. You also need to name your player, choose your game mode then ready to start it. Just devote your special racing interest with this game and you will find the inspiration. Now, check out for Overtorque Stunt Racing Game. Have fun with it!

How to play Overtorque Stunt Racing

For ground control: use the arrow keys to drive, tap key “W” to alternate boost, “S” to rear view, “R” to reset car, “T” for cam view, hit spacebar to use boost, press Shiflt for power brake, hit enter button to pause the game
For air control: tap key “W” to alternate boost, key “A” to yawn left, key “D” to yawn right, key “S” to rear view, “R” to reset car, “T” for cam view, hit spacebar to use boost, hit enter button to pause the game.

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