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Offroader V4

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Offroader V4

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Welcome to the Racing games for boys! Let yourself get ready to discover, to find out and experience one of the latest racing games cars with Offroader V4unblocked game. Do you like racing? Are you a speed lover? If yes, don’t hesitate any more, come to enjoy the challenging racing games then you will discover things that make you want to “freak-out.” Offroader V4 game was designed in 3D version that you can choose any vehicle you want to play. There are car, sports car and a bus so choose whatever you want. The racing route is very spacious with featured views; you can drive your car on every corner. Be careful to drive or else you will lose it. The more you play, the more racing skill you can get. So now, try playing the car racing games.

How to play Offroader V4

Use up arrow key or key “W” to speed up, down arrow key or key “S” to brake
Use left arrow key or key “A” to turn left, right arrow key or key “D” to turn right
Hit spacebar to use the handbrake.

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