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Death Race

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Death Race

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Are you interested in racing games for kids and taking a chance to become the best racer in car racing games? Now join the Death Race unblocked with a lot of undiscovered things waiting for you ahead. It is no more interesting than playing this racing game to gain your racing skills and become the last survivor in this long terrible battle. Death race game online is usually considered as the most slashing game. There is only one survivor remaining at the end of the game. Once you start the game, try to speed up, avoid the obstacles, and defeat all the opponents. Don’t let your vehicle crash into the walls. There are also a lot of helpful things to help you be the last survivor, including two game modes – one player or two players, three jump settings, time score bounty. How does it sound? It’s cool, right? Let join this death race game and see how long you can survive and be the last survivor.

How to play Death Race

For the player 1: Tap key “Z/X” to steer, hit spacebar to jump
For the player 2: Use left/right arrow keys to steer, press spacebar to jump
Press key “ESC” to pause the game.

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